April 8th, 2015 by Jan

I left the house this morning and drove away.

I was up early again and this time not because I was rushing for the sunrise, but because the critters in the house were hollering.

Peet needs his morning fix of kitty crack and the world cannot spin until his needs have been met. Moser likes to let us know that the neighbour is going to work and well, for some strange reason that is totally unfounded and of my own making, I feel the need to keep the house quiet so as to let Ken sleep.

So, like a responsible adult, I fed the kitty, took the dog out for a poop and then spent the next two hours telling both of them to shut the fuck up!

Then, I realized I was being stupid and getting my knickers in a knot over nothing and left!

I drove down to Davis Bay and walked along the seawall all by myself. It was beautiful. I saw sea lions, sea gulls, loons, and old folks out walking and nodding hello as we passed each other. The sky is blue and the day is warm. Life is good and I am the first to agree that I am a lucky woman.

Then, I watched a young mother with her little kid, and I thought, if I had to spend the entire day the way that mom is about to, I’d pretty well pull my eyes out of my head and stuff my ears with rocks.

Then, I laughed because, I have no problem spending my life with a pet, in fact I chose to, but there is no way I can spend all day with them!

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