April 9th, 2015 by Jan

There is a stack of books on my side of the bed. Most of them are on the floor because I don’t need a book case for novels. I like to get them at library book sales, then when I finish one – I donate it back for the next sale. It is a lot like going to the library only I give money to check these books out. It sounds pretty silly, now that I just wrote it out. Especially, since they come from the same place that lets you have books for free!

There are two books I am more than 3/4 of the way through and am wondering why I should bother to finish either of them. These two books are so predictable and there is no anticipation for surprise. In other words both of these books are so boring, but written well enough that for some reason I’m still reading.

The first is The Ship of Brides by Jojo Moyers. The story of four war brides who along with 650 other brides, take an aircraft carrier from Australia to England. The ship is still a working war ship and also houses a thousand naval officers and men.

Now, because the book is set in the year 1946, and I’ve watched every episode of the Walton’s about a thousand times, I know exactly what will happen, what is considered riské, and well, the intended drama is not all that dramatic.

The other book – I am giving a bit longer as I keep thinking, no hoping it will get better, but… The funny part is the story and the characters in the book are doing exactly what the author wanted. I think. Nothing! It mocks real life and is wrong in doing it.

The Bishop’s Man by Linden MacIntyre is about a priest whose job it is to do the dirty work of moving “bad” priests from town to town, while covering up their sins, all the while, doing his best to hide his alcoholism and indiscretions of his own.

The reason this book is boring is because, they only ever hint at the wrong doings, no one ever comes right out with anything, blame is passed and the priests all shrug off their harms knowing they are untouchable. The novel would be more interesting if it wasn’t so realistic, believable and infuriating.

No stars, and moving on.

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