April 14th, 2015 by Jan

On Sunday, I met a friend for a walk! Yes, I said it… a friend!
Here on the coast! How lucky am I?

I met Sarah in 1998 because of PAWMA. PAWMA is the women’s martial arts organization that has given me such good friends as Allyson, Deb C, Koré, Debbie, Andrea, Melinda and the list goes on and on.

Sarah was friends with Joni Miller. Joni and I organized the first PAWMA camp outside the US. Funnily enough, we held that camp right here on the coast, at Camp Elphinstone. You get to Elphinstone by turning right when you get off the ferry here and you get to our new place by turning left. Back then, neither of us knew we would end up in this area.

Also, a little known fact: Sarah was among the first of the Roughriders when that great group got going. She remembered training outside at the B.I.T.C.H. in freezing cold weather. I remember that too.

Anyway – Sarah lives in Sechelt with her partner MayLyn and last Sunday, they took me on a great hike up to some waterfalls. My Fitbit put the walk at 18,000 steps or about 7.5 miles.

I am doing the big time happy dance!

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