April 15th, 2015 by Jan

Living in a house with a view was at the top of the “must haves” when we started searching for our new home.

I admit we looked at other homes with bigger and better views yet, this was the better house for us and the view does not suck!

This morning, I stood at the kitchen sink, and took in the view. I saw snow peaked mountains, the ocean, several small islands, loads of birds, a big boat in the distance, some trees that could use a good trimming, the neighbours roof, and of course I noticed the power lines.

Our realtor told us that after a while we wouldn’t even notice the power lines. I doubt that will ever be true, but I am able to look past them.

Because today, as the day began, being able to look out at the ocean, and on to that snow peaked mountain in far the distance of Vancouver Island, is pretty f%#&king pretty!

This was a good move for us.

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