April 19th, 2015 by Jan

So many things to write about and yet, I found myself re-reading a years worth of old bloggy things this morning.

I went back to the JanParkerArts site and read in what I call My Notebook. I am so grateful to Hansoo and John for setting that web site up years ago. It is absolutely beautiful and although I don’t use it and never really did to take full advantage of it, I know how lucky I am to hold such a place in the web of  life.

Our house is somewhat quiet again now that Moser is back on Bowen with Marian. Peet still hollers each morning, but less as we have cut him off from the kitty crack. No more Fancy Feasts for him. It was just too much. Apparently addiction runs in this family!

I also read Georgia Nichols. She is the horoscope lady who lives on Bowen Island, and she pretty well nails it when describing this Taurus. She lists a few attributes like; we love to hike, walk and own mortgage-free land. Then she says, Taurus love their creature comforts and are excellent cooks, gourmets and sommeliers. And says a chef is just a cook who swears in French.

Now, the other day I bought some fancy dancy kitchen appliances with the goal to really learn how to cook. I don’t want to just rummage around dinner time any more and am tired of setting off the smoke detector when making toast. But, now I see I am also going to have to learn French.


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