May 30th, 2019 by Jan

If you were asked to rate the quality of your life today, what would you say?

Ken had his three month check in with his surgeon yesterday, and got to answer that question.

Before the appointment Ken was given a one page questionnaire. I don’t remember most of the questions, but basically, Ken checked the boxes that suggested great success in the process. A total five star review! He is doing really well considering what it was like for him, only a few short months ago.

What I especially liked was the last question on the form. I can’t tell you the exact wording, but it was something like,

“If the quality of you health, for the rest of your life was like the quality of your health today… would you be… A. B. C. or D.”

I wish I had paid more attention to the answers, all I saw was Ken’s big circle around the A answer.

A = Delighted!

If Ken had to live out his life as he feels today, he would be “delighted!”

What a wonderful thing to express, at a doctors office!

I like that form. “Delighted” is such a nice way of saying, more than satisfied.

I’m not saying that going through all that Ken went through last winter was worth it — Nope. Last winter we would have circled D. as in, it was anything but delightful. Still, since he did go through it, it is nice to come out on the delighted side of things.

Dr. Ryan Paterson gets our greatest shout out of hooray and gratitude. Honestly, I feel like he and Dr. Hoag and Dr. Baxter are rock stars who cared for and changed Ken’s life for the better. (Making my life better as well.)

The green light hasn’t been given yet. Ken will get a few more tests in the next month to be super sure all is well. Then… we will really say, “It’s Delightful!”

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  1. Ken

    I don’t know if other people hug their doctor, but Jan and I did mine. So grateful for them and the Canadian health system.


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