June 12th, 2019 by Jan

We love living in Sechelt.

And, when we moved here in 2015, a challenge we didn’t see coming, was the towns outdated infrastructure. Because of it, every summer the town imposes water restrictions on its citizens.

Now, we all get into serious discussions about water, the lack of it, new development, living in a rain forest, and climate change. And, as it stands now, Sechelt doesn’t have enough water for its population.

Last election, we kicked out every single incumbent, and elected an entirely new council. Those who put water at the top of their promises got elected. The struggle is real.

It’s a big deal. The coast has water. What we don’t have is the infrastructure to stop it from running into the ocean.

There are four stages to the restrictions we have on the coast. This week we went to Stage 2. Some people think we should be at Stage 3 already but…

Stage two restrictions make power washing decks and driveways, washing cars, and water lawns taboo. Hand watering is the only acceptable way to water anything outside now. If you can’t eat it, don’t grow it.

By stage four, we will no longer be able to even hand water our food garden and the veggies that haven’t made it to the table or freezer by then, will die. And, yes… we collect grey water, turn off the tap while brushing our teeth, shower only when really stinky and honestly, it’s not enough.

The thing that is the hardest about the challenge of restrictions, is the call to tell on your neighbours if you see them using water unnecessarily. That’s right… we are asked to tattle!

Not having water is bad enough, but the thought of neighbours spying and telling on each other is much worse!

This call to tattle, made me so uncomfortable when we first moved here, that I went to our city council, and talked about being new in town. I worried that our first impression was one of suspicion and spying by and on our neighbours and it was not the kind of town I want to live in.

Oh, yes… everyone agreed. Telling is horrible!

I spend a lot of time looking out our windows. I’m all about the view, and we have a nice one.

Today, a week into stage two, the neighbours, in the back … are watering their lawn with a big ass, auto sprinkler. It seems to be set to a timer and every other day they water grass for about two hours.

Man oh man…I want to tell!

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