October 29th, 2015 by Jan

We had a good travel day today. Woke early and the wind that blew us all over kingdom come yesterday, seemed to die down a bit, so we hit the road early in hopes of missing it.

The sunrise from our campsite was one of the best I’ve seen since being on the road. It just kept getting better and better and being in the high mountain plains, well, it was pretty.

Ken is the driver for the two of us. I have other skills. He doubled yesterday’s miles before noon and we kept going while the going was good.

We do our best to stay off the interstates. It isn’t always easy out here in the hinter, but we had a lovely day driving through rolling and desolate ranch land. I can’t imagine what it is to live out in these parts, but I’m guessing the night sky is something to behold.

We ran into some showers and then some hard rain, so we called it in Burley, Idaho.

We had our choice of two RV campgrounds. One by the river and one off the highway. The river one was beautiful but had a creepy feeling to it and no wi-fi. I stuck my lip out and Ken drove to the other one. The highway sounds can be heard, but so it goes.

This place is nice with lovely trees still in autumn colours and well over half empty. The man running the place was learning from his daughter how to run the credit card thingy and practiced on us. He was so nice and when we got excited over the ice cream they had in the office and pulled our wallet out, he said, “Take it!” “Take all the ice cream you want. Really.” “Would you like some bottles of wine as well?” He was pointing to a room full of stock.

What the heck kind of business is this, I wondered. So I asked. “What’s going on?” “Why are you giving away the store?”

“My wife died unexpectedly this last week.” “This is her business.” “I’m going to make some changes, I guess.”

I told him I was so sorry for his loss and that we were just coming from my fathers funeral.

He burst into tears and grabbed me, and hugged me really tight.

We both realized that I got to hug someone’s father and he got to hug someone’s wife.

We took some ice cream and found our camp spot.

Now, we are watching the sun go down and it is about as good as it gets.

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