October 30th, 2015 by Jan

Sometimes you just get in the van and go.

Today was uneventful as far as road trips go. No big topics to post about. Except the morning joy. The morning was wonderful. We saw the sun rise, the moon set and Jupiter, Mars and Venus were out for our delight.

After that, the weather was hard. Wind, wind, more wind also, a bit of pouring rain as we got through Boise. Ken is a real trouper and a good driver.

Of course the way we go, it takes both of us to head down a road.

Ken charts the course, I read the directions, and hope I don’t say left when I mean right, because it happens. I also hand Ken water and snacks at all the right times. I help him back up, make sure no traffic is coming from my side of the van and most important, I describe to him all the pretty places he can’t look at because he needs to watch the road. I also call out wild life. Deer, cows, coyote, antelope, crows, magpies, and gophers.

Ken says, between the two of us, we make one pretty good driver.

The last 100 miles of today’s journey were hard. We finally found a camp site off he beaten path by about 8 miles! It’s near the state park called Hat Rock in Oregon, near Herrmistan and has great wi-fi and laundry machines.

Being out this far means we won’t hear trains or a busy highway traffic while we sleep. We will hear the wind in the trees though as it is still blowing hard.

How people live in some of these places is beyond me, but I’m no cattle rancher or nut.
I did win the world championship of the universe playing the card game of Switch and I am a happy and boastful winner.

We have clean laundry, full bellies, and won’t need to plug the electric blanket in tonight as it is warm. Windy and warm.

We are going to take a few more days before we get home because we can.

What’s the hurry?

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