October 31st, 2015 by Jan

We are spending our last night on the road by a lake in pouring rain and blowing wind.

Today’s drive had a bit of everything for us. Torrential rains, huge wind gusting, flood warnings and loads of water falls to look at when we could dart our eyes off the road for a second. We also had some nice calm and breaks of sun. We got lost a few times, but even on the wrong road, we still made great time.

Good old Ken is a fantastic and safe driver and I appreciate that more than you know. A lot of folks thinks he drives too slow. I don’t. He goes my speed, and that works out fine for us.

I’ll be happy to get home. It has been a good three weeks. Being on the road with Ken, and in this van is great. Still, I’m ready to get out for some walks again. Also, I need to learn how to make some nice breakfasts for our May adventure.

I imagine the first thing we will have to do when we get home is to wash soap off the windows and clean up the toilet paper that will cover our yard. It may be the price we pay for being away from the new neighbourhood on our first Halloween in Sechelt.

Here’s some thing to think about or maybe it is better not to think about this before the Christmas blitz. But for what it’s worth:

This from Eliott’s Brief Blog yesterday … (I don’t know Eliott, but our friend Tommy does)

Halloween spending is expected to reach $6.9 billion this year including $2.3 billion on costumes, $2.2 billion on candy (which is experiencing annual inflation of 4.2%, 2.3 times the increase in the CPI) $2 billion on decorations, and $350 million on, yes, pet costumes. This year, the average person celebrating Halloween will spend $74.34, meaning 93 million Americans will celebrate!

I can tell you that others are spending our share. Basically we spent $4.49 on ice cream treats we ate ourselves tonight. If a kid comes knocking on the van door, they will have to be happy with a piece of string cheese.

Happy Halloween, once again, we went as ourselves.

Tomorrow – home!

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