October 28th, 2015 by Jan

The wind blew us into Wyoming.

Serious, non stop wind. It hasn’t stopped blowing since we turn west.

Poor Ken did his best to keep the van on the road through 50+ mph gust of wind that blasted this van ALL DAY LONG.

We finally tapped out in Rawlings, WY. A pit of a town because the wind blows all the time here and the only grocery store we could find was a Walmart.

The only other RVs in our “park” seem to be permanent trailers that are probably here for road and construction workers.

It doesn’t all blow. Ken plays a pretty guitar and I love listening. The wi-fi seems to be pretty good and no password is required. and finally, I got to catch up on my WWF games.

We didn’t get very far today, but that doesn’t bother us, we are together and happy.

We had a supper fun last couple of days, and dropped in on friends from long ago.

Phil and Judy (Phil was Ken’s best man at our wedding) were surprised by us while they were eating breakfast. We all remarked at how “we all look the same” even 30 years later!

Jerry and Annie, (Jerry was one of my brides men at our wedding) were wonderful hosts and loaded us up with homemade goodies. Honey from the bees they keep, salsa from Sadies, and Ken got a few bottled of home-brew. I will also say, they have the best shower I’ve ever been in. Ever! Loads of pressure and plenty of hot water. Darn my water conversing habits; I did stay in longer than normal, but that was the type of shower a person could get lost in and I sure would like 5 minutes in it now.

We will be on the road a few more days unless the wind continues to blow this hard, or changes direction. I figure we will either be home tomorrow night if the wind gets behind us, or we will be a few days longer as we battle it. (Yes, that is the royal we, as Ken graciously does all the driving!)

Life is good and again I am grateful.

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