October 26th, 2015 by Jan

We had such a lovely time at the Rancho Nambe with Sarah and Dick that we agreed to run the place for them next May when they go on a well deserved cruise!

Yup. All we have to do between now and then is learn how to make some gourmet breakfasts and we are set! It will be a ball. Now, wouldn’t it be great if friends booked the place during the time we are there! Yes! It would be the absolute best!

Rancho Nambe – . Book it for anytime between May 13 and the 24th next year!
Why not?


We loaded the van and headed north. Did pretty well today, we are tucked in at an RV park outside of Colorado Springs.

Ken and I lived in Colorado Springs when we first got together, and for old time sakes, we had dinner at Señor Manuel’s. A Mexican restaurant that we used to have our Friday night dates at in the early 80s.

I confess I remember nothing of living here. Well, okay, maybe a little, but not much as I used to drink a bit and did a fair bit of it in this town. This is also the town I sobered up in, but apparently the fog had not lifted much by the time we moved for me. I don’t recognized much.

We also drove by the little house we lived in for a bit. Oh, my… it certainly wasn’t 3600 sq. Ft. with 8 bedrooms and 5 baths like our last house. But it was a comfy place and we did have fun there.


Tomorrow we will battle city traffic through Denver and land in the arms of good friends a bit north of there for the night.

Slowly but surely, we are making our way home.

I am doing my best to be present, but do feel a bit like a horse who has seen the barn and wants to go home. Focus!

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  1. Laurie

    Make it a tai chi camp of those weeks! The place will fill up and there’s always people that like to cook, you’d be off the hook!


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