December 11th, 2018 by Jan

I remember reading an article years ago, claiming the greatest threat ,and destruction to our environment was in having children.

There was a photo with the article, of a little boy stomping on a flower bed. This child had absolutely no regard to the beauty of the area, as he merrily pummeled the flowers.

Now, it is hard to compare the damaged caused by a boy destroying a flower bed to say, Monsanto, or what that fucker Trump is doing, but still, I get what the article was saying.

There is something we humans like about messing with nature.
I mean, who doesn’t like poking stuff with a stick?

Yesterday, I walked on a set of trails I’m not that familiar with. It was a sunny and somewhat warm day for the season. Unlike the previous week, where temps were zero and below, yesterday, a thaw was happening. Parts of the trail were quite soggy and ran more like a river.

I had to side step, and leap over puddles a lot. I ended up walking on the edge of the path more than in the middle.

Of course, in places that were not in the direct sun light, there were still small patches of ice.

I use walking poles when I hike, and like I said, the compulsion to poke is strong.

Humans messing with the environment – We just gotta poke!

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