December 12th, 2018 by Jan

I drive Ken mad because I don’t plan creative projects.

On the whole, I’m a very organized person. I make lists of chores, I know what bills need paying, and when. I’m very good at follow though. I can plan for trips, meals, and visitors. I check things off a list in an orderly and timely fashion.

But, when it comes to being “creative,” at least with fabric… I cut and sew.

There are a few times, I have a general idea of what I’d like the project to look like, but rarely, and that is a true fact of life, rarely, does the finished project look anything like my first idea.

For instance, I started a quilt last week, and sort of had a plan! Okay, not a plan, but an idea.

I went to Ken because — contrary to my ideal life — quilting uses math, and math makes me crazy, and Ken calms my crazy.

Over the years, I’ve struggled with words and for the most part, I’m happy to say that while I’m sure I still miss a lot, words and reading are easier for me than ever before. Math on the other hand has NEVER made sense and I’ve ALWAYS struggled with it.

In high school I had to have a math credit. I had no chance of success in algebra or geometry. Finally, I was put in a class that tried like hell to teach me, and one other guy how to make change. Hell, addition and subtraction put my brain in a tizzy.

Ken taught junior high math class years ago. Lord knows he has done his best to teach me. I’ve done my best to learn, but nine times out of 10, I end up in tears of frustration. My mind goes blank – I don’t get it. I don’t see it, I can’t.

Just tell me the answer.” I beg.

Last week, I was reading a book about Buffy Saint-Marie. In the very first chapter, she revealed that she had a form a dyslexia that made it hard for her to read music. The symbols looked like goobly gook to her. She mentioned that there was also a form of dyslexia for numbers called, dyscalculia. It is a learning difficulty associate with numeracy and affects the ability to acquire mathematical skills.

Ding, ding, ding!

Well, that stopped me in my tracks. I had to look up the word right away and holy moly, as some cats in the world say, “If it fits, I sits!”


I’ve heard say, that knowing what is wrong, getting a diagnosis for instance, can bring almost as much relief to a person as an actual cure can.

Knowing what is “wrong” … helps.

2 thoughts on “2+4=(9xc)=alsoknownasWTF

  1. LauraB


    I never understood math until I realized that I could understand it as language. That was the key for me. So glad for you, and so glad you have someone like Ken in your life.

  2. Kathy

    I agree that knowing it’s “something” and that I’m just not being lazy or obtuse or stupid really does help in some small way. Math and I have never seen eye to eye and it’s good to know there’s a name for it. Thanks for the information, Jan!


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