January 14th, 2017 by Jan

Kim Ivy is a Tai Chi teacher in Seattle. I’ve known her a long time.
She shared this note several years ago. I don’t know if she was in China when she heard it from her teacher, or he was in Seattle.
It doesn’t matter.

A few more thoughts from GMCXX*

I said I was learning so much not just at this workshop but when studying with him. He said, “Taiji is a circle, you are not learning more, you are learning the same thing, its just at a different level.” He continued, “Its like a house. In one neighborhood, its a $400k house, in another, its a $600k house, in NYC, is a $2.5 million dollar house. Even in different neighborhoods, it is still the same house.” He continued, “In a form correction, one person feels the qi sinking, another perceives other things, another feels only their legs hurt.”

*Grand Master Chen Xiao Xing

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