January 15th, 2017 by Jan

Now I’m nervous.

After yesterday’s post – Kim Ivy shared this bloggy thing on her Facebook page. Kim is a mover and a shaker, a powerhouse in social media, and probably has a zillion friends. So, by sharing the JJJ page, it meant that at least a few people checked out this bloggy thing for the first time yesterday.

Now, if they happen to read more than that one posting —they know me now as a rambler.

I don’t mind. I’ve been a rebel; now I ramble.

My student John Stark, used to say that I blathered on, better than most.

I never really know if I want folks to read what I write here or not. All I know is my heart skipped a beat when I saw she had shared it. It made me wish I would/could/should say something more substantial with this platform.

Oh, well. I know that’s just my ego blathering on. Now, while, getting rid of my ego might have been a goal years ago; I don’t care about that shit anymore.

But – I ramble.

1 thought on “rambleon

  1. LauraB

    Because of the current rambling nature of this blog, I haven’t had comments to post, and I’m happy to see new material here and check it out daily again.


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