January 13th, 2017 by Jan

The following list is my 2017 reading challenge.

The fun part is seeking out books with the given criteria. Some will be more challenging — like a book written by someone who isn’t a writer, and a book I read in school, or one where a character has my first name.

I believe perseverance furthers and I’m looking forward to the books I’ll be cracking this year.

I’ve already completed three of the 26.
I’ve also asked a few friends for recommendations and have a terrific list at the ready.

If you happen to be a reader or can think of a good read that would fit the specification, why not add a suggestion here — or better yet, start your own challenge.

Here we go:
A book you read in school ….
A book from your childhood
A book published 100 years ago —
A book published last year —
A non-fiction book —
A book by a male author —
A book by a female author – Laughing all the way to the Mosque by Zarqu Nawaz
A book by someone who isn’t a writer
A book that became a film —
A book published in the 20th century —
A book set in your hometown/region – Last of the Sunshine Sketches by Terry Barker
A book with someone’s name in the title —
A book with a number in the title – Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour bookstore by Robin Sloan
A book with a character with your first name —
A book that was recommended —
A book over 500 pages —
A book to finish in one day —
A previously banned book —
A book with a one word title —
A book translated from another language
A self improvement book —
A memoir or journal —
A book written by someone younger —
A book set in a place I might visit —
An award winning book —
A self published book —

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