January 12th, 2017 by Jan

A couple of days ago – I rambled about boxes. As I’m cleaning out the flies, I find another ramble on about boxes. This one from two years ago. I often say people are weird, (they are), but now that I look back; perhaps it’s me that is weird, after all, I wrote this.

People are weird. I’m just saying.

Before we moved to Sechelt, we had the great good fortune to be given moving boxes. Good ones. Marie and Rod used them when they moved to Bowen and we were at the right place at the right time to grab them.

I can’t tell you how nice it was not to have to scrounge for boxes at the liquor store, but to have really strong, moving specific boxes. Packing paper was also included. That made everything so much easier, as we didn’t have to wash newsprint off our hands or goods when packing or unpacking.

We knew we would pass on our good fortune, knowing these boxes certainly, had several more moves in them. I posted on the Sechelt Facebook thingy that we had free moving boxes.

Two people took us up on the offer right away. I was surprised they didn’t take them all, so I posted again. I didn’t want to set these good boxes out with the blue bin.

We put the remaining boxes in the back yard shed. They were broken down and easy to haul away. The wardrobe and art work boxes were large, and awkward, but still manageable.

This brings me back to my people are weird, opening statement.

A lady and her husband came to pick up the remaining boxes. I was waiting for a phone call, so I watched from my office window upstairs.

The woman got out of the car, and talked to Ken. He showed her what we had and where. He said she was welcome to any and all. Her husband sat in the car.

The lady made several trips back and forth, from the shed to the car, hauling these big and awkward boxes. She struggled getting them into the back seat, but managed.

Her husband sat in the car.

When she finished hauling and loading the boxes, she said, thank you, waved good bye. He, without looking up… drove away.

People are weird.

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