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Day 13: Your commute to and from work/school/etc.

The hardest part of being retired, according to my dad is, you never get a day off. So, the commute continues, it’s where I go, that changes.

As a Tai Chi teacher I was pretty darn lucky. Most of my commute meant walking down a flight of stairs or heading out to the back yard. Having a training room and training field at the house on Bowen was pretty darn sweet.

Working at the O on Bowen, was also a sweet commute. I could walk, drive, or ride my scootie in no time. It was also enough time for me to shake off any stuck juju on the way home!

The flip side to my easy commutes, were the years I was fortune enough to travel and teach.

For quite a while I was at an airport on Friday mornings and Sunday nights heading to and from Utah, Oregon, Massachusetts, California, Minneapolis, or Ontario.

I loved the work and the people. The travel was hard though, and dealing with airports and such was no fun. I also got sick more often. Bugs on planes seem to wait for me, then as soon as I settled in would jump on me. I came home sick more often than I didn’t. But, I made connections with people that will last a lifetime!

The farthest I ever went to teach was Hamburg, Germany. That was a super fun trip.

Today’s commute takes me to the swimming pool in Sechelt. I go a few times each week. If I drive it takes six minutes. If I walk, about a half hour. The trip home is longer as it is uphill.

I know how fortunate I am and have been. One year – Ken had a commute that was just horrid.

He would leave the house and catch the bus at the top of our drive a little after 5 am. Then, he would take a boat, a bus, a train, a bus and then walk a bit to a job way out in Surrey. At the end of the day he would turn around and do the reverse, walking in the door tired, sometime after 7:30 pm.

What I remember most about that time in our life together was, it sucked!

We are homebodies. We like our commutes to be close to home. I’m grateful for all my travels as a teacher, more so that others traveled to our home for the work.

For now, going for a regular walk is delightful enough for my commuting.

Tomorrows topic: Your life in seven years.

The good news is, I’ve got all day to figure out what exactly they are asking here!

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