April 16th, 2016 by Jan

Day 10: A fruit you don’t like and why.

Tomatoes! Ick, ewe, yuck.
I don’t think I need a why. We all have our preferences.

Day 11: Discuss your current relationship.

Since I discuss Ken and me all the time here, and am sticking with my answer of I don’t like tomatoes. I’m going to fast forward this 30 day challenge and move on to day 12 with a more interesting topic. Or at least a topic that is less boring than discuss your relationship or name a fruit you don’t like!

Day 12 of the writing challenge topic: Two words or phrases that make you laugh.

This is easy.

Extraordinary! I mean really? How can you be extra ordinary? Every time I hear or say extraordinary, I laugh. Also, the word garage. It just sounds funny in my mouth. Garage and potato.

Funniest thing I over heard someone else say recently. “I’ll have the plain hamburger, just with cheese and bacon.”

Today is Saturday and that means Farmer Market and yard sale day for us on the Sunshine Coast. I’m glad these writing topics are both silly and easy, so I can get on with our day! I’ve got things to pick up and put down today!

Day 13 topic: Your commute to and from work/school/etc.

That won’t take too long to write about either! Perhaps I will tell a story of commutes past not present.

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