April 18th, 2016 by Jan

Day 14. My life in seven years.

I’m pretty sure this is asking me to imagine where I’ll be in seven years. But, how it’s worded is cause for confusion. This could be asking me to condense my life story into seven years, but that would be weird too. A life in dog years maybe?

I’m going with what I imagine my life might be like in seven years, knowing full well, I have no clue what may or may not happen. None of us do.

Taking in life with all the regular twists and turns, I imagine, Ken and I will still be living in Sechelt seven years from now. I imagine we will be doing pretty much what we do today. We’ll go walking, we’ll read, watch TV, laugh. I hope we take the odd road trip, and stay in touch with friends and brothers.

In seven years it might be a good time to move to a single story house or even a condo that needs less maintenance. The Subaru issue will have been put to rest by then and I’ll be on about something else. I’ll be looking forward to my 68th birthday. I’m sure I’ll want cake to eat and friends to stop by, maybe a present to open.

I’m not good at setting goals or life dreaming, and at this stage of my life I prefer to follow my nose. I’m also a realist. Shit happens, but I’m thinking in seven years, I’ll have that much more practice living life. I hope I will experience the dramas, traumas, joys and celebrations of life, just as I do today. One day at a time and as they come.

These days, I like to see what happens, rather than make things happen. I know in seven years we will lose more loved ones to death. It is hard to imagine who will be next. I hope we will make new friends, and stay close to the ones we cherish. I hope our health is still good. And, maybe, just maybe, an orange cat or small dog will come to live with us by then.

Tomorrows topic: Three pet peeves.

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