July 30th, 2018 by Jan

One thing Sandie and I like to do when we get together is snoop. We enjoy going to open houses— we check out fancy condos, and admire other peoples views and explore different neighbourhoods.

Sandie is a curious woman, and can ask questions of anybody and anyplace. I’m just as happy to poke around and leave.

Anyway, we went to a show house at a development in West Sechelt the other day. We met the realtor, Len. Sechelt is a somewhat small town, and I’ve seen his real estate signs around. His name was familiar to me. A nice enough man, he is a shaker and a mover in the business, and dare I say, a typical a real estate sales person, as in keep your hand on your wallet, as he’s got a deal for you!

So, as we poked around this one place, I casually mentioned, that someday, my husband and I would be looking for a one story house with a killer view, but it had to be under the million dollar mark. I just knew he would laugh at me and say good luck. It is Sechelt after all.

Don’t get me wrong — there are plenty of house in Sechelt for under a million — but to get the killer view — nope. Also, in order to get the view, I’m talking about, you need either a two story house, or water front, and much more than a million bucks.

But… instead of laughing at me, Len said he had just the place for us, and if we gave him 10 minutes, he could show us.

Being the nosey Parkers, Sandie and I agreed right away. Like I said, we love looking at other peoples places.


Len showed us my friggen dream house! It ticks all the boxes. One story, KILLER view, and yes, it is under a million dollars.


Now, let me just say this – Ken and I love where we live now. Our house is wonderful, and the view we have is good. We like it here. A lot. We have no intention of moving any time soon.

And, while, I doubt our Samron Rd. house, will be the house we will die in, I will totally exaggerate now, and say, I just found the house I could die for!


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