July 27th, 2018 by Jan

My best friend is visiting.

Sandie and I met in 1977, and honestly we’ve been the best of friends ever since that first day we shook hands, in a laundry mat, in Grove, Oklahoma.

Both of us have a lot of good friends in our lives still, if you are lucky, you have that one BFF you can count on. Oprah has Galye, Kim has Alison, Marian has Jillian and on we go – I have Sandie and she has me!

We were 21 years old when we met, and it wasn’t long before I moved away.

The friendship could have ended for lack of attention many times. I credit Sandie for the fact that it didn’t.

Sandie knows how to be a friend and has taught me well.

It’s easy — pay attention, make an effort, and give a shit!

Sandie and I are different in many ways, and apparently, how we stand is not one of them! In fact we have so many similarities that we are often taken for sisters. We can finish each others sentences, and a look, or a laugh communicates more clearly than any word in any language could.

Sandie is the reason, I have a good many friends. Like I said, she taught me by example, and I am grateful.

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