August 3rd, 2018 by Jan

Years ago, (my favourite way to start a story) at my first PAWMA camp, I made the decision to specifically become friends with Allyson, Debbie, Deb and Anne.

Those four women were the camp organizers, and I saw how cool they were. I also remember thinking during the demo, that I would do my best, to become their friend.

I’m happy to say, it worked out! Today, these women are indeed my friends. I may even be bold enough to say that they are some of my best friends.

That’s just one example, of ask for what you want in life — you just might get it!

Last year, I mentioned I’d like to find a hiking partner.

There are so many trails on the coast and so many beautiful places to explore. I’m keen to see them, but, I’m also too chicken to go alone.

I love walking alone, but for some places, it is better to have a pal. First off — my sense of direction is not the greatest, and I’m not interested in running into any BC wildlife up close. Also, I can only imagine that turning an ankle on one of these trails to be… well, a real pain.

Of course, there are several hiking groups on the coast. I could and have join them at times, but I find I am more interested in a one on one hiking buddy.

If I was able to choose the perfect hiking partner … honestly last year, I thought, if I could, I would choose Becky Wayte.

She literally created a map, and an app on hiking trails on the coast and seems to go out hiking everyday.

If you are on Facebook, you’ve seen photos from the pages of Sunshine Coast Trails. Becky Wayte is the taker of these photos and they are magnificent. Some of you receive Sunshine Coast calendars each Christmas. These are from Becky.

Last week, I went on my first hike with Becky and yesterday, my second.

We went to Grey Falls in the Hidden Grove area, up the inlet yesterday. At times it was a a challenging hike, but I kept did well to keep up.

I will say I’m not as adventurous as Becky. For example, I was happy to sit and wait on a rock looking down on the water fall, rather than to go with Becky, down a super steep cliff for a “better” view. I also gave fair warning that that I would not be able to save her if she did fall. She was okay with that. 🙂

However, just like Becky’s three little doggies, with few exceptions, I am quite happy to follow her up, and down, around, over, and in and out any path she wants to take me on … as best I can.

I’m not counting any chickens before they are hatched, still I was delighted when I heard Becky say, “Next time, we could go to ……”

Ask for what you want — you just might get it! Now, excuse me while I go sit in the hot tub — my legs are killing me!

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