March 24th, 2015 by Jan

The challenge is on.

Shhhhhh…..don’t say anything because I have a small sneaky, self centred suspion that the University Women are checking me out by looking at this bloggy thing. So, I’m being cool. If they do read this, then for sure they will ban me for not taking them seriously, and I’ll have to find a new group to try to be part of.

Except — it is game on. I am serious. And I am doing what I can to see how far I will get.

The advice to start my own bookclub is good – but… I’d like more than myself to be in it. So, when a lady named Joan asked to me to write about my “interests and professional” history to see if I was worthy of this particular book club…. this is what I sent in.

Dear Joan,
I smiled when I received your email. I say this because one of dearest friends from years ago was named Joan Harvey. Seeing your name on the email brought back a lot of great memories. Could you be the same Joan Harvey?
My husband of 32 years, and I moved to the West Sechelt area in January. After 19 years on Bowen Island, we think the coast is the perfect place for us to continue our retirement.
My background is in the martial arts. I am a teacher. I was fortunate to travel all over North America, and parts of Germany and China sharing my experience and skills. That sounds very bold, but I was lucky. Mostly I spent Fridays in airports, taught a full weekend and flew home again on Mondays. The work was rewarding and wonderful; the travel was exhausting.
I also taught movement meditation at the Orchard Recovery Centre for 12 years in the mornings. We found it a great way for clients to begin the day as they begin a new life.
Today, I am quite the homebody. I quilt, spin, and make glass beads. Travel now consists of road trips in a van and camping around BC. I am learning to garden.
I walk a lot, read a lot and I laugh a lot.
I am looking to join a book club or a hiking group or both. I’m hoping to make friends here. If you’d like to know more about me I’m happy to share.
What about you? What are your intertests?
I hope to hear from you soon,
Jan Parker
What do you think? Would you let me in? Maybe I should offer to bring cookies.

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