March 23rd, 2015 by Jan

I’m on a quest to become part of something.

I’m looking for friendship and it is so very odd.

I am the first to say I have the best friends in the world. The challenge is my great friends are in a part of the world that I’m not in. I’m wanting a local friend or two.

Yesterday on my “walk it off walk,” I stopped by the Sechelt Botanical Gardens and met Jean digging in the dirt. I told her I was interested in volunteering there, she passed my name on. It’s a start.

Today, I walked down to the library and asked about joining a book club. At first Teresa told me she didn’t know of any and that I should ask the Welcome Wagon. I asked her again. Then she back peddled and said, she wasn’t sure who I would contact or when they met, and maybe I wouldn’t be interested in the books “they” were reading. I told her my interests in books. She then asked for my email and said she would look around for me. The way this was going, I figured if I stood there long enough, I would be sitting in someone living room, soon enough, discussing the latest Canada Reads book.

The hike home is up hill the entire way, and I slogged one foot in front of the other for about an hour before finally making it home. Once I recovered a bit, I checked my email and low and behold, Teresa sent an email with information for two book clubs.

I sent her a thank you and a query note before I lost all confidence.

The group she sent me to is The Canadian Federation of University Women.

Yikes! There is nothing that touches my insecurities more than a group of educated women. Yet nothing could inspire or excite me more!

Now, if we need to cross T’s and dot I’s —  I am not a University Woman. BUT… I could probably pass without out right lying. I WAS a janitor at the University of Massachusetts in the early 70s. AND I took a certificate program at the University of Oregon in the 80s. So, uhm…. University woman may be a stretch to actually hold as a label. But, at just this side of 60 years old; I’m not near as stupid or uneducated as I think I am.

I think I could fit in with this group, at least I’d like to try. I believe I could at least fake it long enough to make a few friends and perhaps read some interesting books.

I hope they get back to me and not on to me. ☺

4 thoughts on “friendshipquest

      1. nancy

        give them your list of 500 tai chi books along with your loooong list of novels you’ve read …
        hope they aren’t snobby … in which case maybe you could start your own damn book club 🙂


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