September 12th, 2014 by Jan

We have been so busy lately, it was only this morning when I realized I was alone for the first time in weeks.

I’m in New Mexico and I was in attendance at the Churchoftheholysunrise when the quiet took over. I say quiet, yet I was acutely aware of the coyotes barking close by. Still, it was the first time in a while I was still.

Where were we when I left off last?

Oh yes, I quit working at the O and Joe and Sandie came for a visit. There are several posts for that, but I didn’t write any of them.

We pretty well went full tilt boogie while they were here. I know Sandie is laughing as she reads this, probably thinking they were slowing down on vacation, but Ken and I have a very slow pace about our life and just planning meals, going out and fussing over stuff is a big day for us and we did that everyday! ☺

We also went to the Sunshine Coast and I think I can say, we like it there a lot and that may be where we find our next home, when this one sells.

I’m NM at my dad’s house right now. I actually came down to visit my friend Kim. But, Kim got in at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ for some tests yesterday, so I took the opportunity to see my brother and dad. I’ll go down to Albuquerque when Kim gets back Sunday or Monday.

Being at dad’s house is weird in some ways. I’ve spent so much time here in the last two years I have a routine in place and fall easily into it. I also see some patterns that have been repeated over the years and years of being a member of the Hudson family. Some patterns I’d love to change, but as we know change is hard! Awareness is key and I am becoming very aware of some of the patterns I keep out of spite as well.

Early morning sun rise and eating green Chile everyday are good and enjoyable patterns, some of the relationship habits, need work. I admit all the change needs to come from me and for so much of them I am just unwilling and pissed off.
Everyday, I try to make a little progress, but again and again, I see how this apple doesn’t fall far from a self centred and obsessive tree.

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