September 13th, 2014 by Jan

Forget friends and family, I’m in New Mexico for the food and the views. ☺ Both are in abundance and I am doing my best to get my fill.

The only difference in the beauty of the sunrise and sunset, is time of day, and the direction you look. Both light up the sky with orange, pinks and red. I never fail to say, “Wow!” as I look over the mountains and canyons.

With the food, the choice between burritos, enchiladas, and tacos, is hard for me. Deciding on red, green, or christmas (a combo of both red and green chile) is not. I’m a fan of green.

At breakfast I get a breakfast burrito or huevos. Lunch and dinner menus are similar in content. Combo dishes are personal favourites, and sides of guacamole, papas and beans are not needed, but, oh, so good.

I used to say tai chi was very much like Mexican food. It is simple in it’s ingredients and principles. Basically, beans, cheese and rice — sitting, standing and moving… the difference is in the practice.

Mexican food can be bad, think Taco Bell… But, at Gabriel’s in Pojoaque, it is the best food I’ve ever tasted.

Being a Tai Chi snob; I see a lot of “bad” tai chi. And I’ll be bold enough to say, I’ve also seen the best.

The difference — good lessons and good practice. If you want to sweat— go slower and lower, and if you are eating, add Hatch green chile and a sopapilla.

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