December 18th, 2014 by Jan

When I first started walking out at the Cape after what a lot of us long term Bowen folk called the rape of the Cape, it was hard.

So many trees were cut down, roads were made and paved, and the area was chopped up into 10 acre lots costing zillions of dollars. It was hard to go out there with the old idea of what was. The trails we used to hike were gone or were now hard to find. I lost my bearings out there. I would get confused between what was, and what this super fancy development was becoming.

First off my friend Sue gave me walking poles, then she talked me into walking out there. It’s beautiful and there is a lot to explore. Besides we didn’t have to drive somewhere to get some exercise walking.

Sue is an explorer at heart. I don’t think I am. I like things a certain way and am slow to embrace adventure. I’m also lazy and prefer the easier, softer way. I like the path already paved so to speak. But, if I was to walk with Sue, which I really enjoy, then I was to explore. She was always ready to go out of the way, off the trail to see what is over there.

As my fitness improved, I got more adventurous. I started bushwhacking on my own between paved roads and marked trails. I did this mostly to add or subtract time to my daily jaunts. It also became fun to see the different lots that are for sale. (Lot 15 is still my favourite)

This morning, I found a new path. One of the few benefits to this development is the creation of trails. They are starting to pop up here and there. They are marked by pink ribbons as the trail is not worn, but it is somewhat of a path.

I started down one of these this morning. At times, I had to stop and look around me in all directions to find a pink hint of where to go. Only twice did I not find one, but it was easy to turn around or continue until I did. The bushwhacking practice made me brave to explore on my own and I can’t wait to show Sue the new territory to explore and to realize I too am now curious about what is over there.

I think this practice is giving me a new skill.

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  1. Laura B

    Jan, I really liked this post. Being brave to explore on our own and then actually doing it and being able to share it with a friend is one of the real joys of life to me.

    My old teacher used to describe me as timid, and fearful. I don’t think I am, and climbing/scrambling down hills to walk along creek-beds in Mt Doug park helped show me that I had a more adventurous spirit than I knew. I did it in part to help me understand my own strengths.


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