December 21st, 2014 by Jan

Walking in the dark is different from walking in the light, just as bushwacking trails is different from walking on the pavement. I like to mix it all up, so this week I’ve been listening to music instead of books or podcast while I venture outside. Music provides me a totally different experience than a spoken story.

I put the iPod on shuffle and let it choose any of the 1126 songs I have on the crazy thing that is smaller than a pack of smokes! Oh the technology!

The biggest difference I’ve found when walking to music and not the spoken word is, that at times, I need to pull over and dance! Some songs just demand a different beat than left right, left right. Some songs demand a hip hop, swing and groove.

I’m not really shy, but it’s a good thing I don’t cross paths with my people when I go galavanting. I dance about as well as I sing and yes, with headphones on I know I am singing loud if not in tune.

The other really fun part of listening to music on these walks is similar to enjoying the art work on our walls. So much of our music (and art) collection is by friends.

Just this morning, on the shortest day of the year, I took a super long walk and in the shuffle in my ear I had the joy of walking with and dancing to the variety of songs and styles by such talented friends as— Christine Duncan, Troy Tilly, Lynn Williams, Buff Allen, Bobby Kap, and Art Hudson.

Sometimes the shuffle grabs a chapter of a book and I have to hit skip, and today just before I came to Lot 15 for a long practice on this short day, I heard the famous, Jan Parker in my ear asking me to “Please raise my hands!” So, I did.

Life is grand. Happy solstice everyone.

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