November 12th, 2015 by Jan

The weather has turned. There is a big storm brewing and the wind is kicking up. I’m glad we aren’t in the van!

Yesterday, our neighbour brought over her boyfriends dog for us to doggy sit. She and he wanted to go into the big city for a birthday celebration and would be away all night. We jumped at the chance! It is good to have some dog energy in the house.

Rumi is a sweetie doggy. We could not be happier.


Now, Moser, if you are reading this — please know this is not meant to make you jealous. Auntie Ken and I love having you around as well. I just know that you and Rumi would be fast friends. I can imagine you romping and playing together!

Rumi is not a mutt. Nope – she is one of those designer dogs that is all the rage these days. Part poodle and part wheaten terrier. A Woodoole. Yup! A Woodoole. FYI… Moser is a Labradoodle. Personally, I think they’re all snickerdoodles, as in the sweet and messy cookie!

No matter, Rumi is a lot like our old doggy Cricket, only Rumi is smart. She is also, really good natured, very cute, and a seriously happy pooch.

I’m actually surprised at how easy she adapted to hanging out with us. She’s just the type to get into a van and go down a dark alley with strangers. Lucky for Rumi, we rub her tummy and feed her treats, and love having her around.

Yet, this has also shown me, that even with having a good dog back in our mist, I realize, I do not want a full time critter in our life. (Well, maybe an orange kitty…maybe not.)

Critters are the best. They make us laugh and play and purr and hug and everyone wags their tail and sings and all that. But, I like coming and going at will, I like walking by myself and to tell the truth, it is just too darn hard when our pets die.

Put me down for borrowed energy.

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