November 11th, 2015 by Jan

This morning I made sure to take the camera as I headed out with the precise intention of putting myself in the way of beauty.

I thought about yesterday morning and I wanted a repeat.

The problem is, you can’t put your foot into the river in the same place twice. The only thing that is ever really the same, are orange cats named Peet!

I took the exact same route, to the exact same place, at the exact same time. The only difference— was everything! It was a totally different day.

Try as we might to recreate amazing experiences, the truth is we can’t.

It may be the same place, same people, same practice, same time, same thoughts. No matter — it’s still different.

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada, yesterday wasn’t.

As I stood on the beach watching a beautiful, but very different from yesterday, sunrise, I spent time remembering a handful of people who I credit with giving me my freedom.

Ken Parker, Sam Masich, John Fox, Bill Wilson, Dorian Gregory, Jim Eisenman, Allyson Appen, Colin Rudd, Jim Madras, and Sandie Moss to name only a very few.

These are just a few of the people in my life who taught me; who continue to teach me.

Now, I know you’re looking for your name and on another day, it would probably be on my list. Because, if we ever crossed paths, I’ve learned from you.

Sometimes, I’ve learned what not to do, or how to do it better. Sometimes, I’ve learned patience or how to handle my anger, or deal with grief or pure joy. I have never been the same, after crossing paths with anyone.

I saw an old photo of a friend this morning. He was probably around 10 when the photo was taken. I knew right away it was him. He hadn’t changed a bit! Well, how silly is that thought. He is now the father of two and could be nearing 50. Forty years later, we’d all be disappointed (especially his wife) if he wasn’t different.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, no matter how I love a routine. Each day is different.

My list of teachers, what, and how I remember, and for sure, the sunrise will be different next time I look.

2 thoughts on “sameold,sameold

  1. LauraB

    Hi Jan,

    This morning I woke up from a deep dream of finding a new Taiji teacher, right here in Whitehorse. I could see her principles in the movements of her students. I realized once again how I have been wanting this.

    I have had several taiji teachers, and you are one of them, but it was really taiji that freed me.



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