November 13th, 2015 by Jan

Once again, I did not take the camera out on my morning walk. I’ve arbitrarily made the decision to leave the camera at home for a while.

I saw a big group photo of folks at the Remembrance Service and in the crowd was one guy whose face was busy looking at the shot he’d taken. He was totally unaware of the reality of what was going on at the moment. I know it was because this guy is an artist and is going to make something in the future with some photo he took that day. But, it was weird to see how “out of it” he looked.

I know a lot has been written about this topic because so many of us are taking pics in order to post or share or document what we saw and what we do.

Here is a photo of my morning. Beautiful!
Here is a photo of our meal. Yummy!
Let me share a memory of our cat, this dog, my cousin, my hat. What I did, what I saw you do and most important… what I think.

Now, do not get me wrong. I LOVE sharing moments in life. Photos are flashbacks to life, and it doesn’t matter if the event was caught 200 years ago or just happened. Photos and stories are the way we remember, how we connect.

Still, this has me thinking though, about how to get some alone time. I’m taking about real alone time. So, no books, no soundtracks of song, and no camera or written words that will allow me to later report how my time alone was spent.

That’s hard. Well, for me it is easy to be alone, but hard to stay alone. I like to report.

Who are we in the world if we do not share our opinions, photos, experiences, or words?

I know people read this bloggy thing, still at times, I wonder not so much of why I write, but why I post.

Do I post as a way to process information? Clarify my thoughts? Stay in touch with friends? Is it egocentric? Is it important or entertaining? Perhaps it is all of the above and just something I do to not be alone.

So, with all that said… today, I saw a sea gull walking down the middle of the road, while I walked on the sidewalk. I told Ken the dream I had last night. I enjoyed a photo my brother sent, of me with my two cousins. I wrote, I thought of you, and I blathered on.

I also had some well needed alone time and I’m not going to tell you about that!

2 thoughts on “blatheronandon

  1. Harper

    Hallo Jan, I found your blog! I may not find myself this way again, so this is my virtual graffiti: I was here. I find them rather strange, these public diaries. I like my ‘in real life’ ‘face to face’ offline time very much, yet I value these few-and-far-between connections with far-spread friends. Xo, Harper


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