November 15th, 2015 by Jan

On Saturday I went to the Senior Centre for what was advertised as Christmas Sale!

I love a good craft show — even though there is nothing at most of these that I need or want. I still like looking at what people make.

To my surprise this Christmas sale was selling Christmas stuff and only Christmas stuff. Lights, wrapping paper, cards, decorations, ornaments and all that jazz that is Christmas. Tables and tables of Christmas stuff. Some of it was used, most was shiny new.

This sale was a fund raiser for some charity and everything was cheap, cheap, and cheap!

Boxes of unopened Christmas cards were 25¢ — strings of lights were $1.00 — fake trees were $5.00 I really doubt anything carried a price tag higher than $10. And that was for a full set of holiday dishes and some hand crafted ceramic angles. You could fill a basket with stuff, and still get change from a twenty!

The place was jammed packed. People were in a shopping frenzy! I walked around a bit in the morning among the crowds, bought a few things (think ugly sweater party) and left.

I went back in the afternoon and had the place to myself. I had a ball walking up and down the aisles, picking stuff up and putting it down again. Some things went into a basket I carried, but most stayed on the table.

I admit to getting caught up in the holiday fever. I imagined Ken and I putting up lights, decorate a tree, sprucing up the house with all kinds of Christmas spirit…. But then…. I remembered, it is only the second week in November!

Thanksgiving in the U.S. is still a week away, and there are still six full weeks before the actual big day.

There is no way I could keep up the pace. No way I would want to. I would be sick to death of all the cheer in no time at all.

The last time Ken and I had a tree, we took it down about 4 days before the 25th. We were done. We shot our holiday wad, peaked too early. I for one wanted to put sharp pointy things in my eyes before I had to listen to another jingle bell ring.

I’ve been a hum-bug with Christmas before. I’ve also had loads of fun, got into the spirit of it all, and really had some great seasonal fun.

This year – I want to enjoy the holidays and maybe get into the Christmas spirit of joy, and cookies, and lights. We could do a bit of stuff at the house, get a tree; maybe even wrap a present or two.

But I can tell you one thing. If we do… I for one will enjoy it a hell of a lot more, if we don’t start the celebration in November!

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