April 5th, 2015 by Jan

I am still searching to join a book club. It is not as easy as one would think.

I was in the book store the other day and two women were talking about how not many people showed up to book club the other night and how troubling it is. I of course said, I don’t mean to listen in, but I couldn’t help by over hear you. I am new in the area and am looking to join a book club.

I have never seen two women shut up faster in my life! One actually turned her head and looked out the window in the hope that a blue bike might distract her!

Of course I pushed a bit – ☺. But, my skills were lacking, I was told it may be best if I started my own book club because their “Tribe” was full. I reiterated that I was new here, didn’t know anybody, and was wanting to join a book club, not start one.

They wished me well and suggested I make a poster and put it in the window of the book store.

I think now, I’m almost this side of stubborn about it and am determined to find a book club that will take me, but then again…

No one has asked what I’m reading yet, but I’m ready just in case!

I finished Intolerable by Kamal Al-Solaylee a few days ago. This is the first of five of the Canada Reads finalist. I plan to read all of them. It is not a book I would normally search out, but it kept my attention and I saw some history though the eyes of Mr. Al-Solaylee, as the same history we heard over the years on the evening news. The difference is — nightly news is general, Intolerable was one mans journey in that news story.

Once again I am very grateful for where and how I live and who I live with.

In my ear, is the audio version of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce. I am really enjoying this one. I would totally suggest it as a read for any club if I could ever get in. There are some great phrases in this book and I should carry a notebook as I listen.

Now, while I am a serial quilter, and do not start one quilt before finishing the one I am working on, I tend to read several books at a time. Two books I’ve started reading were left for us by Marian when Ken picked up Moser for his two week stay.

They are Left Hook, A sideways Look at Canadian Writing by George Bowering and This Will change Everything, Ideas that will Shape the Future. Edited by John Brockman.

Okay, I am always a little self conscious about how educated or smart I am. Well, it is more like my lack of education, and feelings of  being “less-than” that bug me, but I do my best to learn. Today, I know I’m not stupid, that I’am teachable, and can take things in. But, these two books. Holy Moly. They challenge the hell out of me, and in my mind, are for the super smart people of the world.

Left Hook is good. I need to go slow with it, so as not to miss anything. Mr. Bowering has a great vocabulary and is generous with it. He writes about some things I’ve thought about and yet, I took for granted as just the way things are. Now, I’m just pissed off. Free trade, cross border crap and other bullshit the USAmerica has or says it has with Canada is laid out and put into perspective, and it is sad. From now on, when I see “Not available in your area.” Which we see quite often, I will understand a bit more about why.

But the book, This Will Change Everything is really over my head. Super smart people, mostly scientist were asked the question, What will change everything? Then, they answer it in two or three pages.

Holy moly…. My first thought with this book was, Marian meant for Ken, not me to read it. And my second thought… I know what heather is getting for Christmas! My third thought is to stick with it.

I know if I take my time, these really great minds should be able to communicate their ideas to others, and that includes me. So, I am plugging along and hope to let this brilliance not just wash over me, but allow some of it to sink in.

Later, I’ll look for a People Magazine so my brain can have a rest!

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  1. Laura B

    Hey, Jan, I also just finished “Intolerable”, and I picked it up for reasons very similar to yours,and came away feeling pretty much the same. It wasn’t a gripping read, but quite interesting and I am listening to the news these days about Yemen in a different way.

    On another note, I think that just because someone is really smart and well-educated doesn’t make them a good communicator. And really, someone who is a specialist in a highly technical area of knowledge may need more than a few pages to give her readers enough knowledge to make sense of her arguments.

    Many times I have picked up a book, thinking that what this person knows must be so interesting and valuable, only to find that this highly qualified person is not a highly qualified writer for the general public. Now I often look askance at these books, and tend not to buy them. The writer may be an accomplished thinker, but I want to read books written by accomplished writers.


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