October 22nd, 2015 by Jan

It’s snowing!

No big surprise here really, Los Alamos is at 7500 feet altitude. Still, I’m not a big fan. The huge storm is rolling in and will pass in a couple of days. We are getting mostly rain at the house, but the mountains around us are snow covered. It is beautiful, but….

Today, Art took us to Santa Fe for a few chores and we stopped on the way back at one of the casinos on Indian land. I had in mind I was willing to lose $20.

I sat at one machine that dad had good luck with and the $20. disappeared in just a few minutes. Well, that was fun! Ha! I walked around and found Art sitting at a big machine and he said, “Here Jan, sit here and give it a go.” I hit the button. It spun and spun and then bells went off and a song started playing and firecrackers and such…. “Hey! You did good!” “Hit it again!” I did. More bells and spins and I hit it again! By the time the dust settled I was up $175.00

I cashed out, gave Art half and we came on home.

It stopped snowing and I started a load of laundry.

Now, that is a fun day.

Oh and I had a green chile bowl with papas and an egg for breakfast.

Good times.

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