October 20th, 2015 by Jan

My great intention to write everyday while we are on the road and in New Mexico gets put on the burner as we settle in.

I have to say, this time in NM at the house is much easier. We are actually having a lot of fun in the house. It almost feels like the parents aren’t home and the kids are having a party. The difference this time, we don’t care if we get caught whooping it up!

Music is playing, my brother and Ken play name that tune. Art does show and tell and I snoop in drawers and closets.

The house is lighter. The mood is brighter. We are eating tacos smothered in green chile, taking walks, watching baseball, singing, and laughing.

Art has the memorial service all set. My brother Ty is handling the details of putting dads life away and I’m just hanging out.

It’s all good.

We will galavant a bit more in the next few days. Trips to Espanola, Santa Fe, and Abiquiu are on the plate before the service on Saturday.

I’m not sure of our plans for the trip home, but I’m not going to worry about that yet.

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