November 28th, 2014 by Jan

I know I have closeted readers of this bloggy thing. I know, because you tell me you read it. You just don’t comment and that is fine with me really.

I still write as if no one is reading. But, sometimes I write because I know one person in particular is reading.

Today is one of those days.

Last August I wrote a post asking what to do about the art work on our walls. You know, when and if we move to a place with less space. At the time, I knew we would be culling, but I wasn’t exactly sure how we would do it. We have so many wonderful pieces of original art that were either given to us or we bought, and this house has loads of wall space so hanging it all is easy.

Our next house, has more windows that wall space and we like that just fine, but it also means we cannot hang all the art we have collected.
It has been suggested we rotate the art on the walls every six to twelve months and that could be cool, but the house we bought in Sechelt also does not have much storage space. Also, I am not one for storing stuff. Either have it out and use it, or get rid of it.

So… the dilemma of what to do with the art continued, until my fateful trip to the Canada Post, which I ranted about the other day.

While I was at the counter of Canada Post complaining about the cost of it all, the postal mistress, (of which we have several other names for her), told me about an auction she is organizing for the library here.

Like everything on Bowen Island, if you want change, you have to step up to make it happen. Hence all the fund raisers for the community centre, that have yet to produce a community centre……

I digress.

The post mistress said she is gladly accepting donations to the library fund raiser auction! If I had any artwork, furniture or other “nice” stuff that we would like to donate, she would happily accept them and the bidding can begin.

Perfect! A simple solution for a heartfelt problem.

I feel good about donating the art work that just won’t fit into our next home. Someone else will bid on it, and the artist can know it will end up in a home that really wants it. Plus, money has been raised for a good cause. I doubt (and hope) any of the artist whose work we donated will be hurt.

I feel great about this solution. We’ve taken down several wonderful works that we have enjoyed for years, and passed them on. They were gratefully accepted and I was even rewarded with a kiss on the cheek for our contributions.

Now you know. Ta-Da!

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