November 26th, 2014 by Jan

I love living in Canada. Period.

I grew up in the states and took for granted the US Postal system. That crazy place is remarkable, and because of that, it is no wonder Canada Post makes me want to shake my head and scream.

Canada Post makes me crazy and today I was told it is all because of 9/11. Really.

Now, Canada Post has been nutty since before 9/11 and the post master on Bowen Island is a true work of nutty. Still, today’s experience with Canada Post and our post mistress has lead to this rant when I really should be doing other stuff!

This morning, I thought I’d beat the rush and send a Christmas package off to my dad and brother because it was ready and I could get it out of the way. I send them the same thing every year. Do not judge me, we don’t take holidays all that serious, but everyone likes to get a present.
So, I send my dad a bag of Rogers Porridge and my brother and bunch of candy bars that he can’t get in the states. Candy like Mr. Big and Sweet Marie and Coffee Crips. I usually throw in a blank notebook for dad as he likes to write. I spent less than twenty bucks. It’s the thought that counts.

There was a short line at the post office this morning, the rush has started. I don’t mind waiting, it gave me time to fill out the customs form. The one that says on the outside of the box exactly what is in the box so no one is surprised when they open the box anyway. I fill out the form, list the value at $20. and step up for Adelle to ring up the deal. She gets out a tape measure, measures all sides of the box, types into the computer all the info I just wrote out on the form, she then asks about insurance and such. No, no, no I say. Send this the cheapest possible way — we have loads of time, send it slow boat.

Five minutes and loads of typing later, she tells me it will be $35.87 plus GST!!

I can’t do it, I cheap out and change my mind. That is just too much for postage for some candy and breakfast cereal.

But… as long as I am here, I need to put in a change of address form for January. No problem. Adelle starts in with the computer again. Gets the info of where we are and where we are going. Typing, typing, typing.

Then, she turns to me, smiles and says, that will be $51.35 plus GST!

FUCK!!!! (Pardon me) Who knew you had to pay to change your address?

I love living in Canada and have no plans to leave. But, today, I’m going postal and miss the good ole U S of A and the way they move the mail.

I want to send people presents. I really do — but sorry. This year is really will be the thought that counts.

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  1. Ken

    After posting a $13 million profit last quarter and $39 million profit so far this year. Considering that all postal systems run a deficit, this is pretty amazing. More evidence of public areas being run for profit, like ferrys, railroads an hydro.


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