February 4th, 2013 by Jan

I have no opening line here. Usually when I begin to write something – I have the first line formed and once that is down, the rest tends to come — but right now – I have no opening line for this story and so I have no where to go with it.

I could talk about the day. It is beautiful. Sunny, clear blue sky. The thermometer outside the kitchen window reads 90º F as the sun bears down on it. But really it’s a fine 56º. The sun makes it super lovely.

This morning when I headed out for the church of the holy sunrise, there were no clouds in the sky. A clear day makes for a less than stunning morning sky, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to experiment and find a new view. I drove over to the other side of town where I thought the view would be different and still lovely. I was right. I parked in the parking lot of what used to be a Jr. High School, but now is offices for the labs as well as a credit union. I walked behind the buildings and was overcome with a memory of practicing cheer leading there. Funny how somethings are totally gone until they are suddenly there.

I realized that if I am to explore sunrise views in the morning, I really should get dressed before I leave the house. Heading out to my standard canyon view, it’s fine to slip sweat pants over my pj’s, throw a hat and coat on and head out the door. But today I met quite a few people out for their early morning practice as well and I felt a bit like a bag lady, layered up in my fashion compared to the sleek runners in their morning gear. Oh well.

Dad had a massage schedule this afternoon and is meeting a counsellor later so I thought I’d take in another matinee to get out of the way this afternoon. I walked up to the movie house (do they still call them movie houses)? Anyway – I walked up there only to find out they don’t show a matinee on Mondays and Tuesdays. No biggie, remember… it is 56º and sunny, so I just kept walking.

The internet fix it guy came this morning and now – dads house is up to modern standards with a Wi-fi hub and easy access to the big world wide web from any room in the house, and I can say I practiced writing today.

It is days like this, that I’m grateful very few people read my posts and I really hope tomorrow I have an opening line.

3 thoughts on “aramblingpractice

  1. heather

    I thought your opening line was great – very dramatic. 🙂
    Just keep enjoying all that sunshine Jan – save some up for when you get home.

  2. Laura B

    Perhaps more people read your blog than you know! I also worship at the church of the holy sunrise, but find it more difficult to do here in the North, where in winter the sun doesn’t rise until about 10am, and in summer it never rises because it never fully sets.

    Thanks for sharing these parts of your life with us.


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