February 3rd, 2013 by Jan

After four great days of fun in the Bay area, I’m back in New Mexico. I read on a t-shirt, “It isn’t New and it isn’t Mexico” that about sums it up.

Dad is very happy to see me again. He is doing pretty well, but living alone is not his cuppa tea and the anticipation of my arrival kept him busy. He bought a new sofa sleeper for me. The bed I was sleeping on was about as comfy as one of the rocks in the yard and this is very welcome. I had a great sleep last night and because I forgot about the time change I almost missed getting up for the sunrise this morning.

But I did make it and it was lovely. It feels good to be here.

Also in dads zeal for organization he got a little carried away in the “computer room” and cut and tossed the wires and cords that are necessary for the internet connection. “They were messy. – Oops.” So there is a call into the server and a guy is coming out on Monday to see what he can do. In the mean time, I was happy to meet the young couple from across the street at the Sheriff Posse Pancake breakfast this morning, I got their wireless password. So I’m hooked up!

It’s Superbowl Sunday and dad is ready for it, he set out snacks for us, even though kick off is still six hours away.

My goal is to write everyday while I am here — please forgive the babble and rants as I get back into practice. It might be a while before I have anything worth reading. But I’m ready to step into this practice again.

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