February 5th, 2013 by Jan

The day started easy again. No clouds make for simple sunrises and so to keep it simple I sat on the back deck at the house and didn’t hike out to my favourite place to start the day.

Dad wanted to go swimming, so off to the pool we went – 10 minutes in and he didn’t feel so good and had to quit. A little nitro under the tongue and he was doing better in no time, but the swimming workout was over. We came home and he hung out for most of the day on his chair.*
*Note to self — write a story about the chair.

Again the day was beautiful weather wise. I went for a long walk on a canyon path and no kidding, I came to a fork in the road. It stopped me dead in my tracks and I took time to have a good laugh at what I saw. I thought of all kinds of options including Yogi Berra who said, “If you come to a fork in the road — take it.” I left it there.

Dad and I spent a little time just sitting together on the front porch in the sun. Thirty minutes and not one car or person went by; it was nice to sit and listen to the birds.

I went to the movie house again and saw Les Miserables – the musical. The theatre was crowed this time. I bet there were at least two more people there than when I saw Lincoln a few days ago for a total of 5 paying customers. It may be a while before I go to another movie, right now the choices are Die Hard or Bullet to the Head…. You can bet I won’t be going to them, even if I have the place all to myself.

Okay – another day in Dodge. Morning sunrise, nitro, forks in the road, songs with Hugh Jackman, and to top it off, we got a chess set in the mail from my brother Art.

All in all I’d say I earned a gold star today.

4 thoughts on “adayinthelife

  1. heather

    wondering if you take any hand work with you for these trips? I know you can’t do glass but maybe yarn or quilts or something new? Seems to me you need a creative outlet (including but not limited to writing)? Or am I missing something here? Maybe whittlin’?

    PS: this is not a self serving plug for a delightful Jan Parker original to make its way to our house… not that we’d say no if one did….

  2. Jan Post author

    Hmmmm – sitting in the sun is pretty creative work. 🙂
    At the last minute I took the huck weaving supplies out of the suitcase – in hindsight I probably should have kept them in.

  3. Jim

    I think you should listen to heather (years of experience…).

    An outlet, whittlin’ knives…any ninja worth its salt could be creative with those…


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