July 8th, 2013 by Jan

I dreamed I had to drive a station wagon up a stair well. When I got to one of the landing that turned to head up to the next flight of stairs, there was a big table saw with a pair of sun glasses sitting on it in the middle of the stair well. Ken asked me not to try not to break the glasses as I was to drive up the stairs. I turned the car pretty sharp and ended up at a right angle to the stairs and got totally stuck in the middle of the stair well. The car fit exactly square with the bumpers of the car touching the walls of the stairs with no room to spare. We decided to go get Peter King to help tow us out. But we also had to be somewhere else, so we left him to it. He tried but couldn’t make the car budge, so, my brother Art told me to drive and he helped by pulling the car with a big rope, backwards up the ramp and as we got “there” we ended up in a house with a several dogs. We took turns drying off and petting the dogs, and I was reminded of a group of entertainers I knew as a child and I started singing their theme song. Then the lady who lived in the house came out all dressed up and started entertaining us. She was one of the childhood stars of the show and we laughed and laughed as she danced all dressed up as one of those block people who with a twist of a part can change either her blouse, or expression, or the pants she was wearing, just like a Nancy Walker work of art. Then the other kids from the show came in and sat on stools, they decided this was a good time to speak out loud, for the very first time ever, and tell us what their personal mantra was. I thought they were the bravest people in the world, as one by one, they spoke one syllable words that meant nothing and everything to me.

Dreams! I love ‘em.

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