December 17th, 2017 by Jan

Language warning…

As anyone who reads this knows, I like Facebook. Still, for me… Facebook has to be fun. It is not the place, for me to get news or even change the world. I also don’t like to debate, voice my outrage or defend my stance on the FB platform.

I don’t sign petitions, click on “What famous Disney Star are you?” and for the most part, I scroll as fast as I can away from the daily politics, especially the ones coming out of the states.

Of course every once in a while, I can’t hold back.

There are times, I’m compelled to say #tRumpyoufucker! I mean it too. What a fucker!

Remember Lenny Bruce? In 1966, he was arrested for saying nine words on stage. They were: ass, balls, cocksucker, cunt, fuck, motherfucker, piss, shit, tits.

George Carlin’ did an entire routine with the last seven of those words. The ones you weren’t to say on TV.

Today, despite the U.S. constitution and the first amendment — the CDC has been told to ban the use of these seven words…vulnerable, fetus, transgender, evidence-based, entitled, diverse and  science-based.

First they came for (fill in the blank)_________. We have to say — not today fuckers!

My friend Lauren, who is a shaker and mover threw down the gauntlet by saying, “This vulnerable fetus could grow up to be a healthy transgender adult if it is allowed the evidence-based prenatal care to which it is entitled. Diverse science-based studies have shown this outcome repeatedly.”

I really do wish I was more articulate — the only words I can think of now are, tRump you, ass, balls, cocksucker, cunt, fuck, motherfucker, piss, shit, tits. Bite me!

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