December 15th, 2017 by Jan

It’s the time of year I start thinking about a new motto to carry me through the next year. (I do like little sayings, bumper sticker philosophy, and quotes.)

It’s also around this time of year, I start to wonder what the heck this years motto was, and did it live up to my expectations or did I totally forget it and move on to something else?

I am happy to say, the motto I set for 2017 was “Back to Better.” After some serious head trauma that wreak havoc on my health – I am happy to say that as of this writing… I am back to better. So… Yay!

I have a few ideas in the running for the next year. I’m close to choosing, but still have time, so we’ll see where I’d like to go, what I’d like to see and how I’d like to act in 2018.

I’m not rushing into anything.

I did get some inspiration from a book Scott Kelly wrote. He’s the astronaut who spent a year in space at the ISS. He will now spend, the rest of his life, being a test subject for NASA.

I’m surprised by my curiosity of all things space right now. I blame and/or give credit to Chris Hadfield for this. Actually my interest is not just space, but the astronaut life.

I can tell you without any doubt – I do NOT have the right stuff for that job.

There are times an astronaut needs to wear a diaper when they work. I felt I needed a diaper just reading about some of the adventures astronauts encounter everyday. Whew!

That being said, some of the best advice I’ve ever heard came from Scott Kelly in his book, Endurance. Kelly is a super macho, jet fighter pilot, a fix it kind of, can do, type of guy.

His good advice? He said – “Most problems we face in life do not require rocket science. But, if one does…. Get a rocket scientist to help you figure it out.”

Simply – ask for help when you need it, from someone qualified.

Ken has always said, most things in life do not matter one little bit. The trick is to find out what does matter and pay good attention to it.

Basically – if you need the help of a rocket scientist — find one!
If you need help from a head injury — find Monica Cleland!

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