A rant more than a ramble

April 24th, 2012 by Jan

We have a second hand store on the island that sells junk. It is called the Knick Knack Nook — but for me, it will forever be the Tacky Shop. Kinda like I call the Ruddy Potato, the Rusty Onion.

This Tacky Shop is a typical second hand shop, full of unwanted household stuff, clothes, shoes and books. I bought a lava lamp there once and it worked for almost 5 days before it broke, but I will say it was the coolest thing I ever got there. I go to the tacky shop about once a week — just to see what possible treasures they might have. I usually walk out empty handed, but once in a while, I’ll come home with something — usually a book.

Yesterday I was perusing the book section and saw a book that made me laugh until I thought about it, then I just shook my head.

You know those Idiot’s Guide To books? There is an Idiots Guide to almost everything now. I have the Idiots Guide to Tai Chi that has a lady doing a yoga pose on the cover, so I guess they really do guide idiots through all the different topics.

My problem is I assume some topics should be off limits and not cater to idiots. But there it was.

The Idiots Guide to Raising Children.

Now, you know how much I love the children in our world. But seriously, IF you think this book will help in any way — well, then I think we deserve the next generation.

1 thought on “A rant more than a ramble

  1. Laur

    We have a few fridge magnets, one of the most frequently quoted is “cats, not kids”. We are so there. We aren’t idiots, but really, there should be a required test prior to becoming a parent.


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