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April 25th, 2012 by Jan

My neighbour Marian, has a small deck on the West side of her house, that overlooks Tunstall Bay. At night you can see stars out over the water, airplanes or satellites travel across the sky, and also lights glimmer on Vancouver Island, 26 miles away. The view is framed by big trees and is like a very large peep hole looking out over the water. It’s a nice place for friends to sit and chat. So we do.

Yesterday was the birthday of Marian’s mom, June. Today would have been my mothers 82nd birthday. June died in 2006 and Alice in 2003, both were 75 when they died.

As we looked out at the vast view, framed like a picture, we told each other mom stories, reminiscing the way motherless daughter do.

Happy Birthday June and Alice!

Your daughters miss you!

2 thoughts on “Stories told

  1. Laur

    I am so sorry for the losses you have each had and love that you share memories through the peep hole. I’m not ready yet but will do the same when I have too. I drove my mom thirty miles or so to meet her best friend , Rose, from kindergarden, for a lunch date. Rose’s daughter has moved to Massachusetts. We daughters drove the mom’s to the lunch date and we all had a great time. Among my many joys is that I was able to drive mom to meet her friend of 72 years, for a bit of time and a meal shared. That alone is precious and I was awed by the love and energy that 72 years shared and carried between these two women continues on. Oh, I wish the same for all of us.

  2. Jan Post author

    Thanks Laurie, My mom had her best friend for 73 years – or as she put it, “her lifelong friend, Betty.”


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