December 14th, 2015 by Jan

Christine Duncan once called me the 5 foot woman in the 50 foot dress because I embraced “another fucking opportunity for growth.”

When people grow we think it is a good thing. When communities grow, most of us have mixed feelings.

A lot of people associate growth with success. Of course someone will usually point out we need “controlled growth” or “planned growth” when it comes to the development of land.

Sechelt has a population close to 9,000 and it is growing. According to Statistics Canada, most residents of the municipality are over 45; and Sechelt has become increasingly attractive to retirees from across Canada. There is a lot to do here that we old folks like. Swimming pools, movie theatres, and hiking trails galore. Perhaps as a result, new upscale subdivisions are also growing in numbers.

Often community growth creeps up on us. One day, we wonder where all the new folks came from, but as a walker, I am seeing first hand, not the folks that are coming, but the houses they are buying.

There are at least three different walks I take on a regular basis in our neighbourhood. When we first moved here, these walks were empty lots with tree lined views, all the way to the ocean.

Today, without actually counting, multiple construction companies have built, at least 20 new homes, on these walks. They have changed those empty lots, with views of the ocean, into three bedroom ranchers, with views of other roof tops.

Last Summer, Allyson and I picked blackberries, down the street from our house. A few weeks ago, that huge blackberry bush was bull dozed. A sign for a six unit condo has been put in its place.

If you have come to visit us, I’m pretty sure I’ve taken you to the big rocks above the town. The view up there is awesome. It is also a great practice spot and a good place to watch the sunrise.

Today, I saw forest monsters near by.


The narrow path I’ve walked for almost a year has been widen as these monsters take a big foot print. One of the big rocks I stand on, to take it all in, had an orange spray painted lot number on it. It is only a matter of time before this 5 foot town becomes the 50 foot city in a big ass dress.


I have mixed feelings here. None of these houses were here when we were house shopping. I like the house we did buy; the location is good, but part of me is jealous that someone else is going to have a very cool house, in an amazing location, with a fucking awesome view. Another part of me is sad that one of my practice spots is going to be in another new upscale subdivision.

I am not one of those people who says, I’ve got mine, pull up the draw bridge. Still I hope with all this visible growth, someone can put a 50 foot dress on our 5 foot water problems.

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