December 13th, 2015 by Jan

We started to deck the halls a bit.

I still think it is a bit early.  But, yesterday I got hit in the face with memories.

I don’t think it matters if you go all out with decorations, or if you are only in it for the cookies and ham dinner – Most people I know, celebrate some form of holiday, and decorate in some form of fashion.

Before we moved to Sechelt, we got rid of at least half of our possessions, including a lot of Christmas stuff. Of course we did keep our favourites.

I can go all year and not give any of it a thought, then I’ll open the box, and while I am not the sentimental type…. POW!

Traditions are taken on and/or are made during the holidays. Birthdays can do it for me as well, but I don’t have a suitcase full of birthday decorations to haul out in May.

I don’t really get into the holiday spirit much, but I do admit to being a little sensitive this year. After all, 2015 has been a hell of a ride. We’ve had a few changes, some great — some harder.

The ride continued yesterday, when I opened the suitcase we keep Christmas decorations in.

As we went through the stuff, we told the stories again when found the hand written note my mom stuffed deep into Ken’s sock. We find it every year and always forget it’s there. I also came across the blue bird, Susie Bunker made for me out of ribbon, when we were in junior high school. There was a penguin that was Kim’s, and a funny sombrero hat ornament that my dad gave me.


And then we got out the family socks. There is nothing so sad as a sock that doesn’t need hanging. This will be the first year I can ever remember not having a kitty or a dog in the house. My heart still physically hurts when I remember Peet.


Today, we bought some new outdoor lights and hung them on our deck. We found a place for the Santa Claus candles that I will never burn, the Christmas quilt mom made is up. The hockey player ornament Ken found on Tunstall Blvd. is dangling on a silly tree, Rosie gave us last year and some presents have been bought and wrapped.

I’m beginning to see that Christmas is the ultimate show and tell time. Like so many others all over the world, we are taking our family tchotchkes out, and spreading them out all over the house.

We may not be huge holiday fans, but we are retelling stories as we deck the halls.

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