October 23rd, 2014 by Jan

The Cape on Bowen, is 600 acres near our house, that is also known as the place the super rich go to build their mansions.

We used to know it as Cape Roger Curtis. An incredibly beautiful place to hike and enjoy.

After a huge debacle by our muni, the Cape has now been logged, paved and cut up into 58 ten acre lots. They are for sale.

Most lots are long and narrow so everyone can have an ocean view, and most lots cost at least one point something. That is, at least one point million something — for the lot. The houses that are going up are simple mansions. Most are at least 14,000 sq. Ft. in size. And I admit, if we had that kind of money — I’d love to live out there. It’s freaking beautiful.

Now, as not all lots are sold or built on yet, I’ve been exploring on my morning walks for the last year. I have several favourite lots I walk to and most are perfect to practice on.

Lot A really is the best in my mind. Of course I’m not the only one to think this – Lot A is owned by the developer of the entire Cape. I imagine he called dibs pretty darn fast. I also like Lot 1, 3, 16, 18, and 44 as well.

Today I hiked out to Lot 8. Beautiful. Okay, now when I say beautiful – I’m not talking about the lot per se – I’m talking about the view from the lot. Remember all the lots are long and narrow so each have a water view and as long as you look straight out, it is gorgeous.

I practiced qigong over looking Worlcombe Island this morning — half watching for humpback whales that have been sighted out there, and half enjoying the grandeur while doing my best to block out the constructions noise.

A million bucks for the lot. Yup – right in-between two another million buck sites, both undergoing huge construction, with loads of trades men and trucks.

It is beautiful out there — no doubt — but I have to wonder, if you had that kind of money and would spend it build a monster house — would you really do it right next door to another monster house?

The Cape on Bowen offers 10 acre lots — and as I stood this morning on Lot 8 – it was very apparent to me that everyone on Lot 7 and Lot 9 were watching me, watch them.

It’s a weird world.

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